Spark Pay App Redesign

Spark Pay is Capital One's Small Business tool for accepting payments remotely.

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  • Interaction designer
  • Experience designer
  • Front-end designer
  • Design Researcher
  • Team lead on both iOS and Android app redesign

Success Metrics:

  • 43% increase in complete trasactions
  • Reduced on-boarding from 13 steps to 3 steps
  • Reduced payment process from 5 steps to 3 steps
  • Reduced friction within enrollment process
handset portrait perspective


  • Android material design
  • 9-patch asset delivery
  • Agile development team
  • Responsive web framework

Handset Payment Process

payment process

Process Sketches

Handset handset

Tablet tablet

Tablet tablet

Research Techniques

  • Weekly team critique sessions
  • Observational and in-person usability testing
  • Team stand-ups

Dedicated war room: wall

Observational user testing: observation