Spark Pay App Redesign

Spark Pay was Capital One's Small Business tool for accepting payments remotely. I was brought on to the team to execute key KPI's (key performance indicators). Specifically, to identify opportunities for improvement within the product. I discovered three areas to improve upon: the onboarding experience, to reduce agony in the payment process and to apply the brand design system so the product looked like part of the brand family.


  • Principal Product Designer
  • Collaborated with Product Managers, engineers, researchers and content strategists to develop human-centered products.

Success Metrics:

  • Automated the onboarding process with a 40% reduction in steps.
  • Simplified a product redesign within 12 months with an increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Coordinated a research strategy to test a product hypothesis reducing the customer time on task 33% during the payment process flow.
  • Administered brand design system resulting in a consistent look and feel across the customer experience.
handset portrait perspective

Android handset app: check-out to payment flow


  • Android material design
  • 9-patch asset delivery
  • Agile delivery team ceremonies
  • Responsive web framework

Handset Payment Process

payment process

Usability/Validation Testing

I coordinated a research strategy to test a product hypothesis reducing the time spent during the payment process by 33%.

tablet user testing

Process Sketches

Handset handset

Tablet tablet

Tablet tablet

Research Techniques

  • Weekly team critique sessions
  • Observational and in-person usability testing
  • Iterative usability sessions

Dedicated war room: wall

Observational user testing: observation